Authentic PVC Sliding Sashes

For years new sash windows came with a dilemma. Did you go for the low maintenance, energy efficiency and incomparable all-round performance of uPVC? Or the unmistakable charm and character you could only get with timber, and risk ending up with expensive, high maintenance windows that were a headache to paint?

Now, that’s no longer an issue. With the Rose Collection, you have expertly-crafted, impeccably-finished uPVC sash windows that are indistinguishable from genuine timber. Developed over 25 years, Rose Collection windows have been precisely engineered to match a classic timber vertical-sliding sash down to the finest details, without compromising on energy efficiency, thermal insulation or ease-of-maintenance.

The result – a best-of-both-worlds blend of the timeless class of the old and the convenience of the new, which you can see by downloading the brochure (click here).

Authentic pvc sliding sashes, Newent, Gloucestershire

The Ultimate Rose

authentic uPVC sash window

The Ultimate Rose is the epitome of the Rose Collection design philosophy – an outstandingly authentic, exceptionally-performing and work of art.

The Ultimate Rose was one of the very first uPVC sash windows to be cleared for use in conservation areas – and it’s still the best. With slim timber-like profiles and a 35mm meeting rail, no other sash window looks as authentic. And with period features as painstakingly detailed as full mechanical joints, deep bottom rail and external putty lines, it would take an expert to tell it apart from a genuine timber sash.

What’s more, you get all that careful craftsmanship, historic detailing and vintage appeal with the all-round exceptional performance of twenty-first century uPVC. It’s why we call it the Ultimate Rose.

Ultimate Rose Period Features

It’s the little things that make the Ultimate Rose special – the tiny details that make it virtually indistinguishable from a classic timber sash.
Huge effort over decades has gone into making the Ultimate Rose as authentic as it can possibly be – culminating in a much-coveted G Award in 2013.

The Heritage Rose

authentic uPVC sash window

Authenticity is the watchword of the Heritage Rose. Accepted for use in conservation areas as discerning as the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Lincoln, Worcester, and Cambridge, the Heritage Rose looks every inch the iconic timber sash window – while delivering the convenience and all-round excellence of modern uPVC.

All around the UK, more and more people are choosing the Heritage Rose when it comes to replacing their existing windows – won over by a generous selection of colour and finishing options, its robust energy and security performance, and, above all, its incomparable vintage charm.

With its sleek sight-lines, deep bottom rail, external putty lines and other period detailing, the Heritage Rose is near-indistinguishable from a timber original, offering a level of class and authenticity second only to the Ultimate Rose.

The Charisma Rose

authentic uPVC sash window

Take one of the most respected, competitively-priced uPVC systems on the market and turn it into an impeccably stylish timber-effect sash window – that’s the genius of the Charisma Rose.

With a more contemporary appearance than either of its Rose Collection siblings, the Charisma Rose is a hugely versatile window, ideally suited to everything from upgrading existing windows on older properties to adding retro-chic to newly built homes. Inward tilting for easy cleaning, hassle-free maintenance and an extensive variety of finishing and hardware options make the Charisma Rose one of the all-round best sash windows currently available!

Charisma Rose General Features

The Charisma Rose delivers affordable authenticity – a significant cut above your standard uPVC sash with both its vintage detailing, and outstanding all-round performance.

A made-to-measure Charisma Rose won’t rattle, warp or rot – and will deliver standout features

Rose Collection Benefits

authentic uPVC sash window

Each Rose Collection window has been awarded thermal efficiency rating: A.

A-rated windows bring significant savings on home energy bills - and are better for the environment too. Given that the Building Research Establishment’s authoritative Green Guide has already declared uPVC windows as equal to or even better than timber when it comes to sustainability, environmental impact and energy efficiency, you can rest assured that when you purchase a Rose Collection window, you’re making an environmentally responsible choice.

The most important consideration of all, though, is security. For your safety, your family’s safety, and the security of everything you own, it’s vital that your windows are as secure as they can possibly be.

To help consumers make informed decisions when it comes to window security, the police have introduced an initiative called Secured by Design.

Based on the Enhanced Window Security British Standard (BS 7950), SBD testing requires windows to demonstrate they have been designed with the utmost security in mind, as judged by the Association of Chief Police Officers. Only then can products be registered as Secured by Design.